Friday, 22 April 2011

Still choosing...

Yes, I'm still choosing out of my prints which one works  as a card for New Designers / degree card. I've now narrowed it down again, and it's between 'Bronze Buddha Of Kamakura & Followers' and 'The Chrysanthemum Sisters'. This may sound egotistical, but the reason why I'm having this problem is because I'm so pleased with all the imagery I've produced this semester. Bad, right? Please drop a comment with yor 'vote'. :P
'The Bronze Buddha of Kamakura & Followers'

 'The Chrysanthemum Sisters'

Monday, 18 April 2011

Card for Thought Factory?

 I still haven't made a final choice for my New Designers card, but I'm favouring between 'The Bronze Buddha of Kamakura & Followers' and 'The Chrysanthemum Sisters'. Which one do you think works best out of this lot?

'Whale & Shark'

'Chrysanthemum Sisters'

 'Head Priest Meets Whale & Buddha'

'Bronze Buddha of Kamakura & Followers'

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Drabble - Jazz Chicken

Flynn was going to kick the cluck for the last time. He had finished with being just a ‘chicken’. Clucking wasn’t enough for him, nor just belting it out each morning.

 He had heard jazz from the farmer’s radio, and it was calling him. Not just from ba-da-boom of the drums, the zazz of the trumpet, the silky underbelly of the bass and twinkling peal of the piano.

That’s why the next morning he let his trumpet rip into the air. He was no chicken, he was... jazz chicken.

Well, he was… till the farmer shot, cooked and ate him.


*Drabble: A short story that is exactly 100 words.