Sunday, 31 July 2011

Folktales From Ancient Japan - ON SALE

My 'Folktales From Ancient Japan' is finally on sale now. Please excuse my tardiness to those who wanted a copy of it.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Drabble - For My Next Trick

Everything was supposed to be fun, pretty and perfect for Sarah’s 8th Birthday party. There was a princess cake, a bouncy castle, a DJ, pony rides, cool presents for the guests, as well for the birthday girl. Heck, her rich parents loved her so much; they even got her a magician. They should’ve stuck with a clown.

“Man, you suck! I bet you couldn’t even make me disappear!” shouted Sarah. The children jeered at the poor sweaty magician in agreement.

Later that night, the magician pats the earth with a shovel, “I’ll make you disappear, my dear, but only forever”.


*Drabble: A short story that is exactly 100 words.

Dribblecast host Clay Dugger reads 'Under The Bed' drabble

There's something really nice when someone asks to record / read your work out. Just had my *drabble 'Under The Bed' read by Clay Dugger from the Dribblecast. Go take a look. It's a great place to pick up short funky stories, and even better if you're that kind of illustrator. ; )

*Drabble - 100 word stories. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Drabble - Laser Cereal

Dr. Fu had the best evil plan yet. He would dominate the world by enslaving children’s minds, using cereal. Sugar is the evil genius’ best tool. The snap-crackle-pop noise would force the children to listen to his subliminal orders. He had created self-destructive laser devices which had been broken down into ‘prize’ parts, which the children would slowly build it in their own homes.

It would have worked too, if it hadn’t been for his Cereal Company’s policy of testing on animals. Dogs and cats discovered they could use it for world domination. The canine and feline war had begun.


*Drabble: A short story that is exactly 100 words.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Drabble - 'Under The Bed'

While some children hug teddies, Tommy prefers a spiked baseball bat. As he reaches for it under his bed, a five fingered fleshy pink hand reaches out towards him. It paws the carpet in search of something. Tommy screams and The Hand quickly retreats back to the bed’s shadows. He curls into a ball repeatedly muttering, “Humans do not exist, humans, do, NOT exist.”

On the other side of the multi-dimensional bed, the monstrous ‘Human’ only heard a gargled growling squeak. Whatever her imagination had told her it was; it was not having the spiked baseball bat back anytime soon.