Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shippeitaro & The Phantom Cats

This was the last story for my Japanese Folktale book. I didn't manage to make a book for it, but I will have one made with all three stories in it. I'm still pondering on the title for it though, hehe. Anyway, this one is about a samurai who helps stop a village being forced to sacrifice their maidens to the mountain spirit ( which turns out to be a bakeneko or 'monster cat').
Samurai Sleeps At Ruined Haunted Temple

 Samurai Wanders Down To The Outskirts Of Village.

A Village Mother Tells Of Annual Sacrifices To Mountain Spirit

 Shippeitaro, The Prince's Dog

The Bakeneko Is Slain (cropped)

Shippeitaro & Samurai Slay The Bakeneko And His Followers