Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Grimm's Fairy Tale Printing Project

This is artwork based on one of the Grimm Fairytales called 'All-Fur'. I would type it out, but it's easier to link the story here. It's an ongoing project at the moment, so it's not fully completed as of yet.

The King grieves for his drying wife and Queen, she tells him he can marry, but only on the condition that they are just as beautiful as she..... Bit of a hard task, so he looks round, and hey presto, his daughter is the spitting image of his late wife.

Here the Princess attempts to run away and dresses in her All-Fur coat, given to her by her father. ( I need to add a horizontal line on the fair left as it looks like she's running outside, when she's still in the castle walls. I know it's confusing, but will change this when I get the chance.)

The Princess sleeps inside a hollow tree in one of the King's woods, but is found by one of the King's huntsmen. Simply because she's wearing a coat made of a thousands furs, she is dubbed All-Fur by the huntsmen. She is then ordered and dragged back to the castle to work as a skullery maid.

All-Fur attends the first Royal Ball by serving soup to the King and slips in her golden ring. (Dumb move if you ask me.)

All-Fur attends the second Royal Ball by serving the soup the King likes so much that she made, but drops in her golden spinning wheel. (Again, don't know what she's thinking or why she does this.)

All-Fur attends the third Royal Ball by serving the King's soup, this time adds the golden spinning reel. During the third time she glams up in her Starry dress to dance with the King, he slips on a golden ring on her finger. ( Need to redo this print to make the ring yellow / gold )

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