Monday, 21 March 2011

Drabble - For Damaged Hair

I've really taken to writing short 100 worded stories called 'drabbles'. They were initiated by a website called 'Drabblecast' which run a podcast of science-fiction / fantasy stories, and I absolutely adore them. Go check them out when you have a moment.

Anyway.... this is my third drabble which I've posted on their site. I think it's a touch better than my last one which I'll post at a later point.


For Damaged Hair

‘X shampoo: 5 times less split ends, intensive repair, with micro moisture serum and fibre actives. Reconstructs hair from inside damaged hair.’

I roll the bottle in my hand and dial their helpline. An Irish man’s voice responds with a, “…hello this is the X company, how may I help you?”

“I was wondering if you’ve had any complaints for your latest shampoo,” my scaly hair coils round my neck in response to the question.

“No. We’ve had no complaints. Do you wish to forward one, madam?”

 “Bloody yes, your product turns hair to snakes!” I hiss into the phone.

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