Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shippeitaro & The Phantom Cats

This was the last story for my Japanese Folktale book. I didn't manage to make a book for it, but I will have one made with all three stories in it. I'm still pondering on the title for it though, hehe. Anyway, this one is about a samurai who helps stop a village being forced to sacrifice their maidens to the mountain spirit ( which turns out to be a bakeneko or 'monster cat').
Samurai Sleeps At Ruined Haunted Temple

 Samurai Wanders Down To The Outskirts Of Village.

A Village Mother Tells Of Annual Sacrifices To Mountain Spirit

 Shippeitaro, The Prince's Dog

The Bakeneko Is Slain (cropped)

Shippeitaro & Samurai Slay The Bakeneko And His Followers


  1. The "village mother" image is my favourite. The faded cat sillohette in the background really makes the piece stand out.

  2. Aw, thanks Stuart. :)

    I was originally going to have a black shadow over the cage, but found there was too much excess of ink ( only used one plate as I didn't have enough time to create second ). Plus, I realized that spirits don't cast shadows, hehe.