Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hiccuping Dragon

Here's the latest of story I've been working on over this past 'semester'. It's about a dragon that gets the hiccups from over eating cattle and crops. And as humans do, they get very upset about a dragon eating all their food and complain to their king, who in turn, sends his best knight to rid his lands of the greedy beastie. However, rather than slaying the dragon, the knight ends up hedging a bet with the dragon that if he can rid it of its hiccups, it must promise never to trouble his people again. And the mayhem begins....

I think I had too much fun drawing dragons, I went from very Eastern, to cute chubby child-like, to finally, a 'sensible'-ish western spotted gecko dragon. Yes, I have returned to the Lino-lands, and they have given me a lovely callus on my left middle finger and nice numbness to half of my index finger. Anyway, disregarding that, I've really had a lot of fun with this project and the amount of background research involved.

 Dragon hiccups (without 'hic' type)

I think when my tutor sees this page with the 'hic' type on top, he might have a fit, or just roll his eyes and growl my name, hehe. 

Dragon Tries to Drink Water Different Ways

This was one of the very first lino-plates that I did, so there's no circular border running round it. Apologies to the scary bright colours, but hope you like the design. It's looks better on paper than on screen. 

Well...that's all you're going to get in terms of a preview. You'll just have to come to Foyles Bookshop gallery (4th - 9th February) in London, or Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge (27th Feb - 14th March)  to see the rest of my book. Hope to see you there!  

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