Tuesday, 22 January 2013

'Rooster Loses His Voice' (pending picturebook)

Story about Rooster who loses his voice and has to use alternative means of waking up the farm animals. This was partly inspired by Eddie Izzard's 'Jazz Chicken' and had an idea of creating a back story as to how or why this chicken / rooster wanted to play it.

Left: Animals tell Rooster to stop waking them up with his 'rude' methods
Right: Rooster walks off dejected, but hears some jazzy tunes on a radio. Hmm... inspiration?

Rooster  uses things he finds round the farm such as party horns, banging on buckets, blowing in empty bottles and other musical ways.

I know this is a repeat image, but I wanted to indicate a light source and experiment with mono-printing under the linocut.

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