Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Drabble: Elf Checkout

‘Every little helps’, Taffy beams her elfish smile to her last customer, whilst she massages the back of her short aching legs. Her shift was almost over and the night was starting to creep in.

 A middle aged pot bellied man lurches up her lane with aged booze in tow and slams it down on the counter. The glass bottles quake and jingle as the man lets out a toxic belch. Taffy wrinkles her nose in utter disgust. "Well pardon me. Sorry for wantin' a bit of 'Elf Help," the man chuckles heartily. "Actually Sir, I'm a Munchkin.," Taffy growls. 

*Drabble: A short story that is exactly 100 words.

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