Friday, 18 July 2014

Drabble: No Ordinary Woman

The competition was fierce, but Cindy knew she would win with her smoky looks and witty personality. She felt confident, but she couldn’t stop all six of her legs from shaking.
She heard her rival’s song end and mentally prepared herself, “…So don’t you bring me down today.”  
Cake’s song played next and Cindy spun violet strands of silk about her like feather boas. The crowd made entranced sounds whilst she stomped her black stilettos across the stage. She toyed with her jacket’s lapels and let the air dance under her short skirt. She would show them true monstrous beauty.
Side note: Working on the title, but just wanted to share with you some thoughts. I didn’t realize just how many songs make women sound like they’ve got a secret monstrous side. Just go and have a listen at Billy Joel’s ‘Just Another Woman’ which I literally stumbled onto today.

*Drabble: A story of exactly 100 words.

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